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Breast cancer is a malignant tumor of the breast, which leads in some cases to death of the patient. Timely treatment and the treatment to increase the chances of recovery.

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The stage of the disease
It is important to determine at what stage to be the disease because the treatment depending on the stage different. The first stage of breast cancer is manifested in the form of a seal that is not larger in diameter 20 mm. Intoxication is not. Metastases were not detected. If you seek help at this stage of the disease, the chances of women in recovery high.

The second stage is detected when the tumor is 50 mm, find the metastases in regional axillary nodes. The prognosis for recovery is positive, if not to start and time to treat this stage.

Third – tumor more than 50 mm, metastatic spread to bones and internal organs. The forecast for recovery is unfavorable, since the metastases complicate the fight against the disease.

Fourth stage results state of the body to intoxication, sudden weight loss, lack of appetite. The immune system is weakened, due to this metastasis impress on a large scale body. Recovery in this case is 10%.

The symptoms of the disease
The breast cancer symptoms can be:

  • dense growths of a mammary gland which on palpation is not painful;
  • change the contour and shape of the breast;
  • the skin of the breast becomes wrinkled and drawn;
  • discomfort or pain in one breast;
  • swelling of the nipple;
  • the secretion mixed with blood from the nipple;
  • swollen lymph nodes on that side, which affected the chest.
Like all other disease, cancer of the breast has four stages in its development.

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New generation drugs

The last few years oncologists for the treatment of breast cancer began to apply a new generation of drugs, which are produced on the basis of the substance of fulvestrant. The fulvestrant is a representative of a new class of anti-estrogen drugs that have an inhibitory effect on the proliferative properties of estrogen.

The fulvestrant has a direct impact on estrogen receptors located on the surface of cancer cells. The drug attaches to these receptors, providing the locking action. In this regard, estrogens are no longer able to affect tumor cells by preventing them from dividing and thus death.

United States of America gave permission in 2002 for the use of fulvestrant as an additional therapy in the treatment of hormoneproducing breast cancer with metastases in women in postmenopause.

Studies have shown low toxicity of preparations on the basis of fulvestrant. Along with this, the quality of life of patients with breast cancer, receiving treatment with drugs on the basis of fulvestrant much better in contrast to patients treated with other anti-estrogen drugs.

Scientists at the University of Minnesota, focusing on recent studies came to the conclusion that the drugs on the basis of fulvestrant have effective action in the treatment of recurrent epithelial ovarian cancer. Focusing on the obtained data, the researchers came to the conclusion that the mechanisms of development of recurrent epithelial ovarian cancer are similar with breast cancer.

For a more detailed explanation of the similarity of mechanisms of development of these two cancer diseases, scientists will need to conduct more detailed studies while pursuing safe methods of treatment. In the future, the researchers hope to solve many difficult problems concerning the treatment of cancer of the breast and ovaries.


individual intolerance to components, pregnancy and breastfeeding. With caution is prescribed for patients with diabetes, ophthalmologic diseases, renal insufficiency, thrombosis. As well as leukopenia and the use of indirect anticoagulants.

A few words about hormone therapy

Hormonal therapy of breast cancer is also a relatively gentle method of treatment. The essence of the method is to block specific estrogen receptors or suppression of the synthesis of female sex hormones, as they often become the main carcinogenic factormore the development of cancer. To protect themselves from the negative effects of estrogen can be using surgery. To do this, doctors perform oophorectomy — surgical removal of the ovary, since the ovary is the main source of female hormones.

Hormone therapy

Gormonoterapii more than 100 years ago, it was observed that the development and growth of the tumor in this disease is dependent on ovarian function. The hormones that they produce, not only contribute to the regulation of normal activity of the mammary gland, but can also provoke the development of tumors.

Based on this theory, long practiced operations in which along with the removal of the mammary glands was done oophorectomy. However, such a cancer treatment does not always lead to the desired result.

Recently, scientists have discovered that a positive response to the elimination of the effects of estrogen and progesterone, can not give all the patients. Only 30-40% of tumor cells were detected albuminous substances receptors, allowing the response to hormonal influence give the growth and progression of the pathological process.

The opening now paves the way for development of new drugs. Some of them can block the receptors (tamoxifen), while others suppress the production of estrogen (femara, aromazin).

Despite this, in some countries and clinics still treat with removal of ovaries for the detection and treatment of breast cancer. For young women who are of childbearing age this intervention is not always justified, since it leads them into an irreversible state of menopause. I must say that the drugs to suppress ovarian function also lead to violations of the cycle and lack of menstruation, but there is the reversibility of the process.


Antiestrogen drug with antitumor properties. Tamoxifen is the tablet form of the release of active ingredient is tamoxifen citrate. Auxiliary ingredients are: calcium dihydrogen phosphate, lactose, silicon dioxide colloidal, magnesium stearate, povidone and others.

After intake of rapidly absorbed, the maximum concentration in plasma observed within 4-7 hours (when using single dose). The level of binding to blood plasma proteins – 99%. Metabolized in liver, excreted in feces and urine.

About cures for breast cancer

In applying the drug should take into account the fact that the pills increase the risk of pregnancy, which is contraindicated during treatment. Therefore during treatment it is important to use hormonal or mechanical contraceptive. During cancer treatment, women should undergo regular gynecologic examinations. If spotting from the vagina or bleeding, the pills stop.

20% of malignant tumors that are diagnosed in women who have breast cancer. Cancer is a disease that every year more and more widespread and younger. Before breast cancer was diagnosed mainly in women over forty years. Now there are cases of the disease in women of thirty years. In this regard, there is a growing demand for the drug for breast cancer. How to select a drug treatment strategy, which chooses the doctor, and hence on the choice of drugs is influenced by the condition of the receptors of the body the big women.

Oncologists there are two kinds of tumors: the First kind ERTS-positive. The tumor has hormone receptors of estrogen. In such a situation, the cancer cells actively grow and even due to the fact that they receive a constant supply of the hormone estrogen. It promotes not only rapid growth, but also an active reproduction of cells. The second type If the tumor is of the second type, but are assigned to medications that are called anti-estrogenic.

Is tamoxifen, Herceptin and other drugs that block hormonal recipes on the tumor itself. By blocking hormones, the tumor slows down its growth. In medical practice, such drugs are called selective estrogen receptor modulators (SMER). While these drugs are for malignancy, it is relatively safe. Some scientists believe that in the near future we will find medications that not only slow the growth of cancer cells, but also lead to their destruction.

Important! Only after a comprehensive examination, confirm the diagnosis and determine the stage of your cancer, your doctor may prescribe certain medication for breast cancer. In the early stages, until there were metastases is radical mastectomy: removal of the mammary glands, adipose tissue around lymph nodes.

Medical treatment is necessary in a large volume, if the tumor metastasizes. Doctors prescribe drugs that act strongly, but allow you to achieve prolonged remission of the disease. Hormone therapy often involves administration of natural drugs hormones estrogen. They suppress adrenal function. The therapy should last for several years without a break. If therapy has been interrupted, start over. Important! The main risk factors contributing to the development of the described disease is heredity, thyroid disease, abortion and late pregnancy, no birth, throughout life, the breast, the presence of benign tumors.

During chemotherapy, doctors use these drugs as cytotoxic agents. It drugs against breast cancer, which is able to block cell proliferation. Specific medications the doctor prescribes only after all conducted additional research. At 0, 1 and 2 stage drugs may not even be appointed. In such a situation it is important to quickly carry out the surgery and try to get rid of the tumor.

After the operation is always assigned to radiation therapy. There are already doctors can prescribe more pills depending on the patients status and risk of relapse. One thing is clear, to prescribe medication from breast cancer itself will not work. Only after conducting additional tests and confirmation of diagnosis, determination of extent of cancer, the localization and the exact Shoe size you can assign some pills. Moreover, pills are not the only and fundamental way of treatment, but rather an additional measure in the treatment.