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The doctors and counselors on breastfeeding

Really silicone breast can hurt lactation and cause failure of breast feeding a child? Owner enlarged Breasts can exhale with relief – chest with implants is completely safe and is able to perform its function without endangering the health of mother and baby.

Around the world thousands of mothers with implants have successfully breast-feed their babies breast milk. The presence of silicone in the breast does not affect the quantity and quality of milk. And even in case of damage to the implant, do not panic. Having a high molecular weight silicone is not able to dissolve in water, and thus penetrate into the milk. Yes, and the silicone composition has long and successfully used for the manufacture not only accessories for infants (pacifiers, bottles, teethers), but is part of children's drops to eliminate colic and gas in newborns.

The nuances of surgical intervention

To properly prepare for breastfeeding after surgery, you must know how the operation was performed. Access to the breast during implantation can be of three types:
An incision is made in the area of the armpit. This kind of access choose women who don't want to have scars on the skin of the breast. However, such an operation difficult for the surgeon to form a pocket for the implant, so frequently used endoscopic technique.

The areola incision is made along the border line of the areola and breast skin. The main advantage of such access – hides the scar, but intervention a high probability of injury to the nerves of the chest, which can cause complications during natural feeding. The inframammary incision is currently the most popular form of surgical intervention. The breast tissue are not damaged, and the seam 4 cm is almost imperceptible in the crease under the breast.

The location of the breast prosthesis also has different variations, but a significant advantage is observed in the axillary technique. Such an operation takes less time and reduces the risk of inflammatory processes in the breast tissue.

Deciding to do a similar operation, discuss in advance with the doctor every detail, weigh the pros and cons of the selected implant, ask for the recommendations of the surgeon based on your anatomy. Pay special attention to the choice of the clinic and practitioner, read the customer reviews. How intelligently you approach this issue depends not only your health, but to what extent is full, you will be able to feed a newborn baby.

SAG breast implants after breastfeeding

If the pregnancy first, it is difficult to predict how it will behave in a breast during lactation and after it. The probability of loss forms is 50%. Remarkably, if the attractiveness of a breast after a feeding will remain the same, but if Breasts have lost shape and sagged, then in such a situation will not have to repeat again a complex operation.

The implant remains in place, is only correction of the skin, that is tightening. This adjustment does not require complex intervention and prolonged rehabilitation period that allows girl to quickly return to normal life.

When it is better to resort to implantation

Despite the availability of information on the Internet, the vast majority of girls believe that enlarge Breasts with silicone before pregnancy, you should not. However, your decision depends only on your desire. Even a month before the planned pregnancy this operation will not harm the health and does not affect the ability to feed the baby breast milk. For the nine months while you're carrying a child, painful feelings will go away and the stitches will be delayed.

Many women decide on breast enlargement after delivery. This is due, primarily, with the loss of shape of the breast. Modern techniques allow us to resort to such an operation immediately after the feeding of the child. Once the milk stops producing, you can safely go for a consultation with a specialist.

How to prepare for breast-feeding with implants

Even natural breast is recommended to prepare for feeding. During pregnancy the Breasts swell, which leads to stretching of tissues and the appearance on the skin of thin white scars. To avoid this trouble will help your body stretch mark cream. Massage daily into the skin of the breast.

In the preparation of silicone breast should be approached more carefully:

Visit a qualified breastfeeding consultant. Tell us about when and by what method the operation was performed. This will enable the specialist to correctly assess the situation, give useful feedback and choose the best position for feeding; At the beginning of the feeding carefully follow their feelings: is there pain when filling a breast milk freely whether milk goes, not whether there would be stagnation; Don't worry if you can't provide breast-feeding a baby. Even alternating your milk and infant formula, baby will be able to obtain the necessary nutrients and warmth of a loving mother.