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Fertility drugs

Every woman wants to bear and give birth to a child. This long-awaited event wants to experience and feel any. And this dream is so real and close, that sometimes we do not think that you can face some problem. And close when trying to conceive, we understand that nothing isn't easy. And it turns out that to maintain on their hands a long-awaited treasure, have to endure a discomfort: examination, diagnosis, consultation, treatment.

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To date, the pharmaceutical market can offer a large number of fertility drugs for women that sometimes just get lost. But since you went to the doctor, it will help. However, in order to be savvy, you must know the basic medication for infertility that recommend and often use:
Clomid – this medicine is considered the most famous and effective and on the shelves of many pharmacies for 25 years. It is usually prescribed to women with infertility due to the absence of ovulation, and even if there is no menstruation for six months. Clomid stimulates the production of estrogens at low level, and slows down at an elevated level. When used in small doses stimulates ovulation. If you started the treatment, the course should regularly undergo examination by a gynecologist.

Currently, every fifth family faces this problem, such as infertility. Of course, you can give up, cry in a pillow and apply to the body of guardianship and guardianship for child adoption. But, on the other hand, you can compete. First talk to your partner, sit down at the negotiating table and to think about how to approach this problem. Second, find a good doctor, a specialist in this area who would help you with the situation. This may be due to stress and nerves in your life, then you just need to take a vacation and spend it with your loved ones, to relax and forget.

This medicine increases the chance of multiple pregnancy. About 70% of women who took this drug begin to ovulate and half of them got pregnant. But most of the pregnancies I had after applying three cycles. However, there are side effects from its use, although they are not so serious. Nausea, headache and bloating.

In this article you can read the instructions for use of the drug Clomid. Reviews of visitors of the site - consumers of this drug, as well as the opinions of doctors of specialists on the use of Clomid in their practice are presented. A big request to actively add your feedback about the drug: helped or did not help the drug to get rid of the disease, what were the complications and side effects, perhaps not stated by the manufacturer in the annotation. Clomid analogues in the presence of available structural analogues. Use for infertility treatment and ovulation stimulation in women with ovarian hypofunction, as well as during pregnancy and breast-feeding.


Clomid first began to be used as a fertility medicine in the early 1970s, in the United States. Now this drug is widely known and outside of the United States. Now it is available under the names: clomid, serophen, seafar, omifin, pergotime, hanafin, Bynum, Closter, ovomit and clostilbegyt.

Product forms:
Clomid usually comes in the form of tablets of 50mg.


Some patients that have used clomid, talked about blurred vision and other visual disturbances such as blind spots and flashing. These symptoms usually occur at high doses and long-term use and often disappear after a few days. There have been cases of prolonged visual disturbances. When taking clomid you must be cautious when driving and operating heavy machinery. If you encounter these symptoms should discontinue treatment and undergo a medical examination.

Information from what helps Clomid:

Clomid is a pharmaceutical drug that belongs to the group of estrogens or progestins. It is used in scanty and rare menstruation or amenorrhea. Another indication for prescription of Clomid is a female infertility caused by endocrine disorders, which led to a lack of ovulation.

Stimulation of ovulation carried out various drugs, however. Doctors initially prescribed the Clomid, or its analogues (Klostilbegit, Serafin, Clomiphene or Ovitrel). Are drugs direct stimulation that lead to increased synthesis of hormones that stimulate the ovaries. The active ingredient of this drug is clomiphene. Clomid is available in tablets that contain fifty milligrams of clomiphene citrate. They are Packed in blisters of ten each and a carton contains ten konvolut.

The main pharmacological action of the drug Clomid – anti-estrogen. It blocks the estrogen receptors located in the hypothalamus and ovaries. It enhances the secretion of pituitary gonadotropins (FSH and LH), which stimulates the maturation and endocrine activity of the follicle. The consequence of this action is the stimulation of ovulation and increased concentrations of estradiol in the blood.

Clomid is indicated for such diseases as infertility caused by secondary ovarian hypofunction, which is mainly due to hypothalamic-pituitary disorders.

Contraindications for prescribing Clomid are diseases and the state of women:
• neoplasm or insufficiency of pituitary function;
• severe renal and hepatic failure;
• ovarian cyst;
• uterine bleeding of unknown origin;
• pregnancy.

Indications for ovulation induction

In some women ovulation occurs rarely, or never arrives. It is an endocrine factor of infertility. About infertility say in the case where a married couple for one year has a regular, at least once in three days, an intimate relationship, not protected, and the conception does not occur. This is an indication for examination of both partners.

In female, isolated and male infertility. In this case, the stimulation of ovulation with the use of pharmaceutical drugs, particularly Clomid, nothing. Also, this method of dealing with infertility is not acceptable for tubal, uterine, immune infertility. In order to decide whether to solve to stimulate the process of ovulation drugs (Clomid), a woman should undergo a comprehensive examination. Stimulation of ovulation is indicated for irregular menstruation, which is called "anovulation". Also you should visit fertility specialist and male for the exclusion of male infertility.

Examination before ovulation

Before the appointment of ovulation stimulation is necessary to conduct some tests to determine the health status of women. Also by using additional tests to determine what method it is possible to stimulate the formation of follicles, and there are no contraindications for use of drugs.

Then conclude:

  • what is the treatment plan acceptable;
  • what dosage of pharmaceutical drugs (Clomid) may be recommended for the treatment;
  • if you need advanced therapy;
  • suitable for the stimulation of the Clomid.
First, to exclude tubal factor of infertility check the patency of the fallopian tubes. If obstruction is Clomid, and other drugs – progestin, will not lead to the desired result.

To determine the patency of fallopian tubes using such diagnostic methods.

1. The metrosalpingography, which is a non-surgical method in which a diagnostic purpose x-ray. It has the disadvantage of women's reproductive organs are exposed to excessively high radiation load.

2. Ultrasonic metrosalpingography. It is a modern method of checking the patency of tubes, which is quick and painless and quick. It is performed after menstruation in the outpatient. In order to see the fallopian tubes, their through the cervical canal is filled contrast agent. Doctor of functional diagnostics sees the contours of the uterine cavity, the condition of the endometrium, the presence of uterine fibroids and follicles. He looks if the fluid in the peritoneal cavity, what are the contours of the fallopian tubes, their location.

3. To confirm the diagnosis assigned to endoscopic laparoscopy. It is indicated when the pipe is clamped adhesions from the abdominal cavity. During the operation, to dissect adhesions and restore patency of the tubes.

If the fallopian tubes is difficult, the stimulation of ovulation is not prescribed and Clomid not apply, as in this case, increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

Indications for use

    Clomid was developed for:
  • Stimulation of ovulation in women with anovulatory cycle
  • Elimination of amenorrhea caused by insufficient production of gonadotropin
  • Treatment of androgen deficiency in men and oligospermia
  • Diagnosis of causes of impaired gonadotropic functions of the brain (the pituitary gland).

In addition, Clomid is actively used in bodybuilding and sports to normalize the body's work on the production of endogenous hormones after a course of steroids. Such use is not provided by the manufacturers of the drug, and is the result of personal experience of men involved in the construction of the body. Therefore, few of the doctors will be able to advise and prescribe a remedy for this purpose.

Composition of preparation

The content of the active substance of clomiphene citrate in one tablet of Clomid is 50 mg.

Medical property

The active component of Clomid is clomiphene citrate, belonging to the group of antiestrogenic agents. Use in small doses leads to increased production of gonadotropins: prolactin and hormones with follicle stimulating and luteinizing action, which contributes to ovulation.

If the body's estrogen content is low, Clomid has a moderate estrogenic effect, and in the case of high content – antiestrogenic. Taking large doses activates the production of gonadotropins.

Clomid vs Clomiphene

Ultrasound examination of the reproductive organs, along with metrosalpingography, included in the complex studies on the eve of ovulation stimulation. This study was conducted twice a month: first, during menstruation, and then on the twentieth day of the menstrual cycle. Without this study, Clomid is not prescribed.

A mandatory study before ovulation is ERROR-test. With his help assess the pool of follicles, i.e. the ovarian reserve. Doing it during the ultrasound examination, which is more informative when using the vaginal sensor. If the size of the ovaries is insufficient, the intensity of the flow therein is reduced, it means that ovarian reserve is unfavorable for conception.

Because ovulation depends on the levels and ratios of hormones, the obligatory study is the determination of their levels in serum.

Examine the contents of such hormones:

  • 1. Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). Blood samples pass on the fourth day of the menstrual cycle.
  • 2. Luteinizing hormone (LH). This analysis is also carried out on the fourth day of the cycle. If the level of FSH and LH in the blood is insufficient, prescribe medications that contain them.
  • 3. Prolactin, which is synthesized by the pituitary gland. Blood rent any day of the menstrual cycle.
  • 4. Estradiol is the most active female sex hormone, produced in the ovary. Blood to determine the concentration to pass from the fourth to the seventh day of the menstrual cycle.
  • 5. Androgens, which are male sex hormones. Hyperandrogenism is one of the causes of endocrine infertility.
  • 6. Thyroid hormones, which affect the folliculogenesis. They are exploring any day of the menstrual cycle.

Clomid. Pharmacological stimulation of ovulation

Clomid has that side effect:
• headache, dizziness;
• autonomic dysfunction, manifested by tides;
• nausea;
• reduced quality of vision;
• polycystic ovaries.

With the purpose of stimulation of ovulation the first cycle lasts five days. The dose is fifty milligrams. If ovulation occurs, then there is no need to increase dose in the following treatment cycles. If the expected action does not occur, not earlier than thirty days after the first administered second five-day treatment cycle. Clomid is taken in a dose of one hundred milligrams daily.

If necessary, designate a third the same cycle of treatment with the drug Clomid. If you won't be ovulating, the continued use of this drug for the treatment of anovulation is not considered appropriate. Then we have to find other ways of infertility treatment. After stimulation of ovulation with Clomid often ripening multiple follicles and multiple pregnancy occurs.

For successful infertility treatment, the physician should draw up a Protocol of ovulation stimulation. Each woman requires an individual approach to the treatment of the disease.

The Protocol should be taken into account such nuances:
• the results of the study;
• the age of the spouses;
• duration of absence of pregnancy;
• the correct medication.

It is not always the stimulation of ovulation leads to spontaneous pregnancy. Sometimes after it is necessary to resort to assisted reproductive technologies. Specialist in this case must choose how fertilization: ICSI, or use in vitro fertilization. However, in some cases, for example, in the absence of the uterus, obtained as a result of stimulation with Clomid, the egg can be used for planning of pregnancy in a surrogate mother.

In that case, when for infertility treatment using clomid, the condition of the follicles is controlled by ultrasonography. Only when the size of the dominant follicle reached twenty millimeters, administered human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This is the pregnancy hormone. Its concentration in blood starts to rise immediately upon the occurrence of a pregnancy.

After HCG, after forty eight hours of ovulation. Then the doctor plans to sparring. Coitus should take place daily until the end of the period of ovulation. If there comes successful pregnancies, confirmed by ultrasound and determination of HCG, is prescribed the progesterone to balance the two phases of the menstrual cycle and to maintain the yellow body of the ovaries.