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Fluoxetine is quite common drug in the domestic market, used for treatment of various depressive States, which are accompanied by feelings of fear and anxiety. The drug has a strong action with a variety of adverse reactions, which patients often complain.

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Most people are taking fluoxetine, report a feeling of fatigue, complete lack of emotional factors, a lack of desire.With caution this drug can make the persons suffering from diabetes, as it can change the level of glucose in the blood, people with cardiovascular disease and persons performing potentially dangerous work. Fluoxetine is sold only by prescription and is located in the low price category, being affordable for most citizens.

Widely used in retarded depression, anxiety, mental depression, the antidepressant Fluoxetine (trade name Prozac) is a selective inhibitor of serotonin reuptake (SSRI), a substance that is included in the biochemistry of the brain and affect mood (emotional-psychological background) of a person

Fluoxetine - antidepressant medication improves mood, is used for relieving symptoms of depression, especially those related to fear and anxiety. The drug is available as capsules for oral administration. The active ingredient of the drug - fluoxetine.

Fluoxetine is used to treat depression accompanied by feelings of fear, anxiety.

Fluoxetine capsules are taken orally in the morning. The initial dose is usually 20 mg per day, if necessary increase the dose weekly to 20 mg, leading up to 80 mg per day in 2-3 reception. The course of treatment is 3-4 weeks.

Form of issue:
Fluoxetine is available in capsule form for oral administration, packaged in blisters of 10 pieces, in a cardboard bundle can be 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 blisters. Each capsule contains 10 mg or 20 mg of active ingredient fluoxetine.

Depression and apathy. Obsessive fears, ideas, thoughts, views (obsessive disorder). Sleep disorders. Eating disorders (which include anorexia and bulimia). Also the drug is used in complex anti-alcohol therapy.

Depression is a common mental disorder, in which the lost interest in life, lost the ability to feel joy. Key feelings in depression is sadness, apathy, lethargy. Physical impairments do not exist, suffering mostly mentally. Independently to get out of this state is extremely difficult, so you need medical help and therapy with antidepressants.

An obsession is an uncontrollable occurrence of strange thoughts or fears. In some cases, uncontrollable obsessive thoughts join the action that the person is not able to perform. For example, a person can not hold back, not to fix the hat on your head every minute, although this is not a necessity. This is one of the non-hazardous types of obsessive-compulsive disorder. In more severe cases it happens that the person cannot hold back to keep from calling other people obscene insults without any reason. Or can't not to imagine the picture of his own death or funeral. Sleep disorders often imply the insomnia is a condition in which a man can not sleep for a long time, and because not getting enough sleep, feeling overwhelmed and lethargic. If it violated natural alternating periods of sleep and wakefulness, it can cause serious mental disorders.

Bulimia is a mental disorder associated with uncontrolled absorption of food. It is a severe disease accompanied by disruption of the nervous system, and often it requires long-term treatment in a medical hospital. Bulimic not only consume food in large quantities during an attack of gluttony – they deliver subsequently this food from your body in an unnatural manner, causing himself to gag reflex.

Anorexia is a mental disorder in which a person is obsessed with weight loss, and so he refuses to eat. Anorexics are not able to objectively assess your weight. Even in a state of poverty they continue to consider themselves thick.


The preparation includes the main active ingredient is fluoxetine and excipients: lactose, silicon dioxide colloidal, magnesium stearate, talc.

Form of issue: Capsules
Applications: Neurotropic drugs.

Side effects when using the drug Fluoxetine

The most common side effects when using the drug Fluoxetine include: headache, sleep disturbance, increased anxiety, weakness, decreased performance, excessive nervousness, loss of appetite, decreased libido, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth. The above adverse effects from the use of the drug Fluoxetine appear at the beginning of treatment or when using large doses of the drug (more than 80 mg per day). Rare: pruritus, urticaria, increased sweating, pain in muscles and joints, disorder of frequency of view, the decrease in body mass.

Reviews about Fluoxetine

Here are some reviews about Fluoxetine that may be useful to You:
Taking fluoxetine 3 months already. The first 2-3 weeks really badly wanted to sleep, sense of appetite after taking one capsule was missing for a couple of hours. Now it's all gone, I was calm, normal, adequate man, appetite (unfortunately) not lost, but often want to sleep in the afternoon (1 hour a day is enough). In General, the drug is very satisfied, the effect is wonderful.

I take Fluoxetine already the 2nd week (morning 2 caps) and I feel great, mood is improved, relaxed attitude to food. Me personally it helps a lot!

In some cases, do not use the drug Fluoxetine?

The use of the drug Fluoxetine is contra-indicated in children, as well as the presence of hypersensitivity to the drug or to its components. The drug Fluoxetine is not recommended when the patient has epilepsy, disorders of the kidney, prostate adenoma, glaucoma.

The use of the medication Fluoxetine during pregnancy and breastfeeding is absolutely contraindicated. If you want to use of the medication Fluoxetine during breastfeeding should stop breastfeeding and go to formula.

What are the main symptoms and treatment of overdose of Fluoxetine?

The use of large doses (over 80 mg) or the use of the drug in children can lead to drug overdose Fluoxetine. The main signs and symptoms of overdose of Fluoxetine include: convulsions, palpitations, mental agitation, nausea, vomiting, chills. If there are signs and symptoms of drug overdose Fluoxetine should call a doctor. Before arrival of doctors the patient should wash out the stomach and take activated carbon..

Fluoxetine and alcohol

The use of alcohol while taking the drug Fluoxetine is strictly prohibited. Sharing drug Fluoxetine with alcohol leads to the depression of the nervous system and can cause severe poisoning.