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Among contraceptives one of the first places belongs to the hormonal oral drugs. The selection of medicines in our pharmacies is large enough. Of course, in order to choose the right contraceptive for a woman it is advisable to contact the doctor. Often experts advise contraceptive yasmin, which has some advantages in comparison with other similar funds. Consider what is this drug, what are the reviews on yasmin birth control.

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Arterial or venous thrombosis, blockage of blood vessels by blood clots (thrombosis), cerebrovascular; Migraine in history; hypertension, which is difficult to treat; angina; Certain forms of pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas); diabetes mellitus; Severe liver pathology, including neoplastic disease, hepatic failure, Kidney failure, Vaginal bleeding of unknown nature; Hormone-dependent malignant disease, in particular sex organs; Pregnancy and lactation; Individual intolerance to components of the medication.


Indication for use of the contraceptive Jasmine

Take contraceptive Jasmine should be regularly, in order to get rid of intermediate bleeding and the appearance of menstrual irregularities.

By purchasing this contraceptive should be particularly careful to read the attached instructions! One package of Jasmine contraceptive pills will be enough for exactly 21 days, taking into account the 7-day break. Basically, on the 2nd day after the break in taking this drug, menstrual bleeding begins.

Contraceptive Jasmine (Yasmin) is a modern, very effective contraceptive. In addition to contraceptive properties, these tablets have medicinal features that help a woman to solve problems related to health. This drug is completely safe for the female body and can be used even for a very long time, that's why all the reviews about the contraceptive pills Jasmine only positive.

taking birth control pills

When the pills from the UK ended, and to bring more was not possible, I decided to change medication and try to find something... Those pills I took in times when to be safe. Sometimes, when I remember our youth, not so many different contraceptives, mainly condoms. Buy Birth Control Pills !

Many women will experience great difficulties while taking birth control pills. Most of them gain weight and long you can throw it. This happens due to the pills hormones. All contraceptive pills contain the hormone estrogen.

Pharmacologists have not yet invented the pill which lose weight, but there are several brands, after which, the weight is typed in, not as much as with other. One such remedy is a brand name "ortho Tri-Cycle". Many women say that when taking this drug, they gain weight much more slowly.

Of course each person is different and the same drug in two different women, can cause completely different reactions.

Despite the results of the study and a lot of attention from the media and women in the world, manufacturers of tablets emphasize that Yasmin is designed to prevent pregnancy and do not contribute to weight loss.

Taking hormonal contraceptives, women should be ready that very soon will start to gain weight. In addition, hormones cause an increased appetite. Women remain nothing but to control the amount of food consumed, to reduce the number of calories and to lean more on vegetable food. You also need regular exercise. This can be running, walking, swimming, fitness etc. exercise should take at least one hour a day.

If weight gain is unacceptable to you, you should refuse oral contraceptives and use alternatives. Most reliable: the use of condoms (which also protect you from STIs) and the Navy. Condoms are fairly expensive. If the sexual partner is constant and reliable, the intrauterine device (IUD) will be the best solution, which will protect you from pregnancy and will not affect your weight.


The main effect of the drug Yarin - contraceptive. For 6 months of admission, I was calm that there will not be an unwanted pregnancy. And it turned out, the drug protects against conception. In addition to the contraceptive effect, Yarina helped me to adjust the menstrual cycle. Before receiving Yarina cycle was unstable: 26 days, even 35. It bothered me. Hato now menstruation comes day to day. They also became less painful and short-lived. This is also a huge plus.

from the positive effect of Yarina on my body, I can also note: my mood has improved, my hair has become less greasy at the roots, the skin on my face has become more natural color, there was irritation before.

By the way, many women are afraid to gain weight while taking hormonal drugs. I such did not happen, the weight remains the same.

Adverse effects

In Addition to the pros, the drug Yarin I noticed more and significant disadvantages. The first thing that alerted me from the beginning, so it's headaches. They started about the first week of the reception, not every day, of course, but still it began to bother me. Somewhere after the first break for a week, the pain became much less frequent, then stopped altogether. It was a period of adaptation to the drug. Another about two months at the beginning of the reception I was worried about infrequent constipation, sometimes even had to save laxatives. But, then this, too, passed.


To summarize, I will say that the drug Yarino, though expensive, but a good contraceptive, but still there are side effects.

I can not recommend it to all women, it is better to choose hormonal drugs individually. But, I in forehead, happily.

Yasmin reviews

I accept Yarinu 2 years. Noticed that in addition to the contraceptive effect of the drug has other advantages. A few months I was debating whether or not to take oral contraceptives. Heard a lot of negative reviews and I feared all sorts of side effects. But one thing I pushed.

Not even in adolescence, problems with rashes on the face, with careful care, I have 27 years suddenly has rashes on his face. I made a lot of efforts to combat them, I was also a cosmetologist and dermatologist treated. But 100% the result was not.

Somewhere I heard that hormonal contraceptives help to get rid of rashes. I decided to consult a gynecologist. The doctor recommended Yarinu and said that it helps to remove such problems and then I decided to try it. Side effects I have for two years appeared.

But the advantages will discuss. I have established a monthly cycle and now the menstruation is painless. Weight stable, even pounds not gained. The only thing that has increased Breasts, half a size, but for me that's a plus )) Libido has not decreased! And most importantly for me - I completely forgot about the rash! Besides, I'm no longer worried about unwanted pregnancy, since the effectiveness of Yasmin is very high. I yasmin was perfect !!! Buy yasmin online !

Girls I want to advise you birth control pills yasmin. They can rely on, will not fail. They are not fattening, the hair does not grow where it is not necessary, and Vice versa. The liquid does not accumulate in the body grow well nails painlessly pass period. They are sold in a pack of 3 months, you can buy one, but profitable immediately 3 pack there is a liner there all is very detailed is written. I drink it for 4 years and I like it. Here decided to consult to you. As I said my gynecologist, most modern birth control pills. Maybe there are good pills, but frankly I tried several others and settled on Arena. But still, before you buy, be sure to consult with your gynecologist, because there is a contraindication. Women's health is more expensive.

Recently decided to switch to a more modern contraceptive. Hesitated between modern IUDs and oral contraceptives. Then decided that a foreign body in the body is not good, and opted for the birth control pill, yasmin. I must say, they are not expensive, but it is better not to save on your health. Opened the box, found a blister with 21 pills, the instructions for use and special little box for a blister. Probably, in order the better to always carry the tablets with you. Instruction in the form of fat books in two languages, very in detail all is painted: the composition of pills, pharmacological properties, rules of admission, contraindications, what to do in case of emergency, side effects. On the blister with the pills caused regimen, which is also very convenient.

I liked that a low-dose drug, i.e., hormonal effects on the body are minimal. Another liked that the tablets contained a substance that can prevent weight gain and edema-related hormones caused by water retention. Agree, it is very important for women not to gain extra pounds and still be safely insured against unwanted pregnancy. These pills help to reduce the symptoms of acne (pimples), oily skin and hair. This fact already checked. If you had to wash your hair a day, now 2 times a week is enough.