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The active ingredient of this medication – fluconazole is not a unique mechanism of action: it affects the fungi in the same way as other members of its chemical group. However, its use provides a quick and noticeable result. It inhibits the formation of structural components of fungal cells, resulting in the death of yeast fungi, yeasts, molds, dermatophytes and other "pests" that can harm a human.

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An additional advantage of the drug is that it penetrates well into many tissues of the body, in especially high concentrations going to the surface layers of the skin and mucous secret. Because of this, the medical agent is accumulated where it is needed, and gives the optimum effect. You may see this as a positive thing; after all, if the cure is good accumulates in the tissues, so it is with a certain difficulty there is output... But this is not so. Half the dose taken the funds removed a little more than a day, and a week later after finishing the course, traces of the drug in the body. Besides, inside our body the active substance undergoes no change and does not form metabolites that are able to linger in the tissues and affect the course of normal physiological processes.

Indications and method of application

As You probably remember from advertising, diflucan recommended for the treatment of thrush, but other than that, it can be successfully used for other purposes. It is also prescribed for candidiasis of the mouth and generalized (disseminated) candidiasis, fungal diseases in immunocompromised patients (with HIV after radiation therapy or chemotherapy, long-term treatment of hormonal therapy, after organ transplantation), as well as for the prevention of such pathologies are predisposed to them.

Effective for cryptococcosis, including, when Cryptococcus act as the causative agents of meningitis, while histoplasmosis, sporotrichosis and other diseases caused by pathogenic fungi, including rare and serious. And, of course, how to forget about the common problems of mankind? The onychomycosis (nail fungus), athlete's foot, pityriasis versicolor are also indications for the purpose of diflucan.

This tool is used so often that sometimes people without the advice of a doctor go to the pharmacy, buy the drug themselves treated, not needing anyone's part. However, the success of the therapy greatly depends on how to properly use the medication. So if You dare to be treated independently (of course, this is not desirable), at least read the instructions carefully.


Television advertising, which we have mentioned, argues that from a yeast infection helps one capsule remedies dosage 150 mg. This is true, although serious forms of vaginal candidiasis, for example, in chronic process and frequent exacerbations, intake of this dose need to be repeated every month. The scheme is extremely simple, isn't it? Alas, other disorders to do the only intake of the solution will fail. So, candidiasis mucous membranes at other sites it should take the capsule for 2-4 weeks. Other violations need to comply with their treatment regimens are often not the easiest, changing dosage, and varying duration of treatment. So, there's Your trouble more serious than "regular" yeast infection, it is better to consult a doctor before starting treatment.

Mechanism of action

Instructions for both drugs States that the active substance — fluconazole, grossly disrupts the normal operation of fungal cells, which leads to their death. The drug blocks the formation of sterols-molecules that play an important role in the construction of the cell wall, the "skeleton" of the fungus. As Diflucan, Flucostat, and show good activity against Candida. They can also inhibit the activity of fungus nails, foot, hands, multi-colored lichen and other fungal infections.

Reviews of Diflucan

Basically, reviews of Diflucane leave women suffering from such a common form of candidiasis, as thrush. Most often, treatment with the drug brings only temporary relief. In about half of the cases, the desired effect was not observed at all. About side effects, possible when taking Diflucan, not reported-apparently, they are, indeed, rare and poorly expressed. Oddly enough, the drug is often prescribed to pregnant women, which is also often discussed. Single reviews confirm the risk of negative consequences for the newborn. For the most part, women themselves refuse to take Diflucan during pregnancy and breastfeeding, preferring local ways to relieve symptoms of thrush.

Summarizing the positive and negative feedback about Diflucan, we can confidently repeat that the decision on its appointment should be taken by the doctor. Since Diflucan, obviously, is not a panacea for fungal infections and acts, even on microorganisms of the genus Candida, selectively. But after the appointment, before you start taking the medicine, the patient should read the description of the drug. And all the questions again to discuss with your doctor. Only this algorithm of actions will help you cope with the disease and not lose, during treatment, health.