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Hormones are often associated with something very harmful, hormonal failure, with the inability to get pregnant, sick children and so on. In fact, for a long time all not so! The ratio of reliability/safety, COC (combined oral contraceptives) are superior to even such a popular condom. Modern drugs contain female hormones that are maximally close to natural effects, in very low doses(Lindinet, Novinet, Regulon). To avoid possible side effects allows preliminary examination, which should definitely go to the choice of the drug and which includes a blood test for clotting, biochemical tests, ultrasound and gynecological examination. The survey will help to identify predisposition to conditions in which hormonal contraception is undesirable. For other women they can take for a long time. This form of contraception is absolutely reversible, the rate of recovery after discontinuation of pills, typically for about a month and depends on the initial hormonal levels and duration of admission.


Diflucan is used for treating and preventing certain yeast and fungal infections.


Clomid is used for treating female infertility and for certain conditions as determined by your doctor.


Female Viagra is a peroral drug for women who experience dissatisfaction in the bed.

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The issue of contraception is nearly as old as humanity exists. And despite the abundance of modern, efficient money, many birth control methods, known to us known since long ago, many couples are used to this day! To use protection or not is, of course, a personal choice. However, this choice must be taken very seriously. Every step taken in life either brings you closer to a happy life, or separates from it, and only you can determine what will be this step. To make the right choice, it is enough to consider the possible consequences and to correlate them with how you would like to see your life. If you want to plan your life and be confident in your future, you need to think about a suitable method of protection.


There is a perception that the less we interfere in the structure of our body, the healthier we will be. Recent studies have shown that it is not so. The female body is designed to function in three basic forms: state of readiness for conception, pregnancy and breast-feeding. These processes, according to the natural physiology should occur cyclically, one after another. But our civilization makes its own adjustments to the process, leaving us with a only once or twice to complete the cycle fully. It turns out that biologically a woman's body is not adapted to the years of menstruation. Developing on a background of reception of oral contraceptives as "psevdoberemennost" has a positive effect on health: disappear monthly hormonal swings, but the constant fluctuations in hormone levels have an adverse impact not only on mood, this is one of the factors triggering the development of cancer of the genital organs. Thus, long-term use of birth control pills protects you from the many consequences of the lack of female hormones.


Hormonal contraceptives today are choosing more than 70 million women worldwide. This popularity is due to the fact that the reliability of this method is almost 99%. Oral contraceptives are the most effective non-surgical methods of preventing pregnancy. Even with all of the cases, when a woman forgets to take a pill (no more than 5 pills not in a row), the effectiveness of the method is 95%. Moreover, modern drugs contain small doses of hormones(Lindinet, Novinet, Regulon), so the probability of side effects is minimized. If the drug is chosen correctly, the woman is not experiencing virtually no special feelings either at the beginning of its application, nor during, nor after.


In addition to the contraceptive effect, the pill(Lindinet, Novinet, Regulon) have a number of positive actions on a woman's body. First, they reduce the likelihood of developing cancer of the ovaries, endometrium, benign mammary tumors, ovarian cysts, inflammation of pelvic organs, rheumatoid arthritis, iron-deficiency anemia. Secondly, and it reduces the likelihood of ectopic pregnancy. Thirdly, the administration of oral contraceptives contributes to increased bone density of the spine. Fourth, they normalize the menstrual cycle, eliminate or decrease pain syndrome during menstruation and reduce blood loss. And fifth, the pill eliminates or significantly reduces the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Each of the drugs for oral contraception has a definite, though slight influence on the hormonal background of women. Therefore, before selection of the drug is necessary to conduct a study of hormonal background of women. If there are any changes or at least tendency to them, the selected drug will have to compensate for, not reinforce them.